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Marco Island is unquestionably a premier destination in Florida’s 10 Thousand Islands. It has become one of Florida’s most sought-after treasures, with magnificent views of the grand coastlines.

So what better way to see Marco Island than by the water? Get to the gulf, find a ride, and soak in the incredible sites in one of Florida’s most isolated island havens.

Day trips, boat charters, and cruises galore, Marco Island is never short of relaxing and atmospheric ways to enjoy its coast. Marco Island fishing charters bring you the best way to see and appreciate Florida’s gulf coast.

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Eco Endeavors

For an educational adventure through the island’s most impressive sites, check out Eco Endeavors. The captain strives to make every trip as minimally invasive to marine life and surrounding nature as possible.

Eco-tours are based around education, which makes this option particularly special for all ages. You can sip on drinks while receiving news about local conservation efforts, the marine life populations, and more. Captain Josh is known for his good rapport with the dolphins. Don’t be surprised if you find a few tailing the boat.

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You are also bound to make a stop by the famous Cape Romano, which houses about three old yet large sand dome structures slipping out into the water. It is one of Marco Island’s most quintessential sites.

Day trips usually run about five hours and bookings are available from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Hemingway Water Shuttle

While Eco Endeavors is great for an educational-based experience, this laid-back and casual provider is all about cruising. The day trips from Hemingway Water Shuttle take you along the bulk of Keewaydin Island.

The shuttle takes you to the island, drops you off, and brings you back for a full day trip. This is a low-key journey. You provide all the essentials you want for the afternoon, including sunscreen, water equipment, and gear, and food.

You can stay on the island as long as you want. Hemingway can take you back on an evening trip if you want to spend the day shelling and playing. For a budget-friendly journey along Marco Island’s attractions and to Keewaydin Island, this is your best bet.

Florida Adventures

This local boat tour option is easily one of the biggest and most impressive on the island. You can just about any kind of exciting adventure you prefer, including a sports-oriented trip on a jet ski, an eco-tour with the family, or a sports-focused romp through the backwater channels or offshore.

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Deep Sea Fishing

Even kayak and paddleboard enthusiasts can find something to love. Florida Adventures and Rentals really go out of their way to serve any kind of eager vacationing adventurer. Their most popular activity is the all-day boat tour, which includes a stop by Cape Romano followed up by a trip to an exclusive private beach. Guests get a bathroom, sink, comfortable seating, and a ladder for added convenience.

Make the day trip your own. The three-hour eco tour is the most popular option out of the boat tours. It is three hours with six guests, and takes you to the top sites.

Native Guided Fishing Charters

Native Guided Fishing Charters is perhaps the most authentically-local experience you can have on Marco Island. For guests seeking a real community-driven journey, Captain Nick Thorstenson and his small crew is the answer.

This fishing-focused trip takes you to local hotspots for some good seasonal fishing. His trips focus on the backwaters of Marco Island and they usually last the full day. You are almost guaranteed to get some good catching and learn some local tips from a real local native who has spent decades combing these waters.

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These cozy and wonderful Marco Island boat day trips offer a specific kind of experience – one that gets you out of the shops and beaches and onto the water to soak in the joys of the Florida gulf firsthand!