Guest Rental Terms and Conditions

Remax Affinity Plus Rentals
317 N. Collier Blvd.
Marco Island, FL, USA 34145
[email protected]


  • This rental agreement is entered into between the guest and RE/MAX Affinity Plus Rentals, it’s assignees and/or transferees, as agent for the Owner of the property rented.  Time is of the essence with respect to all time periods contained in this agreement.  For this purpose, the term Guest is associated with Tenant.


  • The payment schedule is listed on your confirmation.  Please submit accordingly to keep your reservation.  Note that we do NOT automatically apply final payment.  To make a payment please visit  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  You may also issue a check, made payable to REMAX AFFINITY PLUS RENTALS.  Should the Broker deposit funds into an interest-bearing account, such interest will incur to the Broker’s benefit.


  • All our rentals require damage protection.  This is NOT optional.  You will be charged 75.00 at the time of booking.  This will cover up to 2,000.00 accidental damage.  Please let us know, immediately, if such damage occurs during your stay.  There is an additional security deposit charged on all rentals of single-family homes.  The charge is 500.00 – 3,000.00, depending upon which home is rented.  This deposit is refundable.  Upon departure, the property is inspected for damage, excessive laundry, excessive garbage.  Should there be none, those funds will be processed back to you within 14 business days of departure.  You will be notified should any money be held and the reason(s) why.  We have no control over when the refund will reflect on your credit card once it is processed and sent.  Please be patient.
  • Security Deposits are taken for pets, per pet, on all residential rentals with Owner permission.
  • Security Deposits will be used to pay unauthorized charges, to include, but not limited to excessive cleaning and laundry, noise violations, pay per views, violations resulting from failure to remove garbage cans from the front of the home, pets and pet damage, excessive electric charges exceeding 300.00/mo., late departures without prior approval, lost keys, violating condo rules and regulations, and intentional damage.  
  • Tenant(s)/Guest(s) agree to comply with all condominium rules and regulations, and residential ordinances in place to commit no nuisance to the unit, the home, and to the Owner’s authorized representative.  YOU ARE A GUEST TO THE OWNER AND THE PROPERTY.  Be considerate of those around you.


  • Cancellation Policy is as follows:  25% of the rental amount should the cancellation be made outside of 90 days of arrival.  There is no refund for cancellations made within 90 days of arrival.
  • We highly encourage the purchase of travel insurance to protect your trip cancellation.
  • We are not travel insurance agents.  You must exercise due diligence to fully understand the coverage of the travel insurance policy.  
  • Cancellations due to Covid, Hurricane’s, any Acts of God, or Mother Nature, are subject to the same conditions as our normal cancellation policy.  No exceptions.


  • Check-in is no earlier than 3:00pm.  Check-out is no later than 10:00am.
  • Seasonal rentals are an extremely busy time of the year.  While we would like to get you checked in early, it is not possible to accommodate early check-ins, or late departures, during season.


  • Guest(s) are responsible for gas/electricity charges above $300.00 during your stay.
  • Please do not adjust pool heaters manually.  We do not heat our pools in the summer as it is not necessary.  Doing this will cause the pool heater to burn out.  Should this happen, you will be held responsible for all charges incurred to replace/repair any damages.  
  • Pools are heated at 80-85 degrees in the winter months.  It is cooler in the winter months.  Pools have a hard time reaching 80 degrees in cooler months no matter how high they are set.  Understand that the pool heaters are constantly running in the cooler months.  They are working, just not able to instantly warm up the pool water after a cool night.  There is nothing we can do about this.  No concessions/refunds will be issued for pool heat matters due to cooler weather. 
  • Marco Island has a strict garbage bin code:
  • Place garbage bins out on Monday (garbage only) and Thursday (garbage and recyclables).  You are responsible for putting out your garbage and returning the bins to the side of, or place them inside of, the garage.  Violations resulting in fines will be charged to you.
  • Please place the garbage bins out no earlier than 6:00 pm the night before pickup.
  • Please retrieve them as soon as possible AND before 7:00 pm on the day of pickup.  No Later!
  • Marco Island has a strictly enforced noise ordinance.  Please read the materials in your arrival packet.  Should the Marco Island Police or Code Enforcement visit your rental property, please let us know immediately.  If a violation was given to you, notify the office immediately.  These violations will be your responsibility to cure.
  • Understand that you may be asked to leave the rental property for failing to abide by Marco Island’s policies and/or ordinances regarding noise.  If asked to leave the rental property, you must do so within 12 hours of such request.
  • Do not leave more than two loads of laundry upon departure.  You will be charged for additional loads.
  • Do not exceed the maximum allowable occupants.  You will be asked to leave the unit, with no refund, for breach of contract.  
  • Mid-stay cleanings will be charged to the guest/tenant on all occupancy’s of 30 days or longer.  This will be applied to homes and condominiums.


  • Circumstances such as the sale of a unit/home, or cancellation of unit/property by the Owner from the rental program, a double booking, etc., may dictate change in the unit selected without liability for breach of contract.  The guest also has the option to request a full refund which will operate as a release from this vacation rental agreement.
  • This vacation rental agreement may not be assigned or sublet to another party without the express consent of the Owner.  Occupancy by others who are not registered guests is strictly prohibited.  Registered Guests will be asked to leave the property should it be discovered that they are not always on property, for the time of the booking, with their guests.
  • Maximum occupancy limits are set by the Owner’s and/or Condominium Associations and may NOT be exceeded.  No additional guests permitted.  You will be asked to leave, with no refund, for breach of contract.


  • There will be no refunds to accommodate noise concerns due to construction or repairs taking place in condominium complexes and/or surrounding properties.  The same applies to residential properties.  We will notify you should we have knowledge of construction; however, we are not always notified.  We assume no liability for noise and construction-related matters.  We cannot stop the progress others choose to make on their properties.  There will be no refunds.


  • Please report any visible damage to the unit within 24 hours of arrival.
  • Please report accidental damage immediately. You agree to take full responsibility for all lost, damaged, or broken items, of any kind, during your stay.
  • All units are inspected for damage upon departure.  Should you not report accidental damage while on property, you will be contacted shortly after departure, with the damage identified.  Should the damage exceed $2,000.00, you authorize, without question, Remax Affinity Plus Rentals to charge the card on file the amount exceeding the protection limit of $2,000.00.  
  • Please notify the office of requests that you would like to have taken care of during your stay.  We will coordinate the appropriate vendors to handle these concerns.


  • Call our office to handle emergency concerns:  239-394-7653  
  • Emergency matters are those that require immediate attention during and after hours:  no water, no a/c, locked yourselves out of the unit, to name a few.
  • Non-emergency matters will be handled during normal business hours:  Wi-Fi concerns, television concerns, lightbulbs, batteries, other amenities, to name a few.


  • No pets are allowed in condominiums without appropriate paperwork; IE: service animals.
  • Paperwork must complete, signed, and notarized by supporting physician and veterinarian.
  • Pets may be allowed in residential properties with Owner permission.  You must notify us at the time the booking is placed of your desire to bring a pet.  Security deposit will be required, as will an additional cleaning fee as determined by the Owner.  No exceptions.
  • Should it be discovered that an unauthorized pet is/was on property, you will be charged an additional cleaning fee, and/or asked to leave the property, immediately, for breach of contract.  There will be no refund in this instance.


  • Depending upon the location of the property, key replacement will cost $200.00 to $300.00, or more should locks need to be replaced, and immediately charged to the card we have on file.


  • All properties are Self-Catering properties, and are fully furnished and equipped with towels, linens, kitchen supplies, cooking and eating utensils.  YOU ARE RENTING A PRIVATE RESIDENCE, NOT A HOTEL.  Some properties have more amenities than others, such as beach chairs, umbrellas, beach toys.
  • We do not supply paper goods, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and condiments.  


  • Parking is provided, with some locations having assigned parking, and some not assigned.  Some condominium associations require vehicle registration upon arrival.  These associations may also require that you pay their parking fee.  It is their fee, not ours.  Please abide by their rules and regulations.
  • NO commercial vehicles, boats, jet skis, trailers, RV’s, campers, motorcycles, and scooters, are allowed on property or in the common areas.
  • Residential rentals:  you must park in the driveway and/or garage when provided.  NO PARKING ON THE SWALES!  No more than two vehicles allowed.


  • Notify our office immediately if you discover anything that needs immediate attention.  At times the internet/Wi-Fi, televisions, smoke detectors, a/c’s, occasionally malfunction.  We can NOT guarantee them to perform 100% of the time.  We will work diligently to get them repaired and working as soon as possible during normal business hours.  Only emergency concerns will be handled after hours.
  • Appliance’s break.  Smoke detector and TV controller batteries drain out.  A/C’s become clogged.  Television remotes become unprogrammed.  We cannot guarantee them to perform 100% of the time.  At times, replacement parts need to be ordered.  Note that we do not control when the parts are delivered.  Nor do we control when the repair/replacement will be made by the Vendor.  What we can control is the immediate reporting to our Vendors, who understand that time is of the essence.
  • There will be NO REFUNDS for unexpected inconveniences.  We ask that you are patient and enjoy your vacation.
  • Should you request service and we send out a vendor who resolves the problem, further requests for the same problem, due to user error, shall result in a charge to you of 50.00.  


  • Owner, agents, and/or assignees reserve and retain the right to access the rental property during your occupancy for the purpose of repair, inspections, showings, and all emergencies.  For showings, you will be notified 24 hours prior to the showings.  We will always schedule a showing that is convenient to all parties.
  • At times, the property you are staying in may be on the market for sale or sold.  Inspections and showings may be required.  You will be given a 24-hour notice of intent to inspect which must be honored.  You do not have to be present in these cases.
  • Condo personnel, and Vendors, may need immediate access to assess matters like leaks.  You agree to allow them to inspect the unit without notice.  PLEASE READ ALL ANNOUNCEMENTS MADE BY THE CONDO MANAGEMENT THAT ARE POSTED ON-SITE AT ALL TIMES.


  • Guests agree to hold, release, and discharge forever, REMAX AFFINITY PLUS RENTALS, its agents, employees, and property Owner’s, harmless from and indemnify them for all liability, injury, death, and loss resulting from any failures to disclose material facts, or any representations as to the property’s condition, or the occupancy of the premises by Guests and guests of registered Guests, or any Owner obligations to Guests and third parties, regardless of causation.  The Guest shall hold the Owner and Agent(s) harmless from and indemnify them for all property damage and personal injuries occurring on the premises or otherwise relating to this agreement which may occur during the occupancy term hereof.  Guests acknowledge and agree that, in consideration for the use and occupancy of the respective vacation rental unit and the terms and conditions of the Vacation Rental Agreement, that neither rental unit Owner nor their representatives shall be responsible at any time, and in any way, for any loss, damage, injury, or death to guest and/or others in connection with the use and/or occupancy of the respective vacation rental property whatsoever.  Guests agrees to hold the Owner, the Agency, and its Employees, harmless from any circumstances or conditions relating to construction on other properties, to include Acts of God and Mother Nature.  
  • Guests shall not assign this Agreement or sublet the Premises in whole or part without written permission of Agent.  Guests are charged with sole responsibility to watch over children of all ages.


  • There will be NO smoking/vaping in any rental unit.  If your rental is a condominium, please abide by the rules of the condominium association regarding designated smoking/vaping areas.
  • Do NOT burn candles in the home/unit.  This is a safety violation.


  • There will be no refunds issued for:
    • early departures
    • appliances that become non-functional while on property
    • noise concerns of surrounding properties
    • cleaning concerns:  We will send the cleaner back to your rental to remedy
    • Wi-Fi and television concerns
    • pool/spa concerns
    • construction on/around properties (we are not privy to what is going on in condo complexes or neighborhoods).
  • Understand that when you report a concern to our office, the appropriate party is contacted with an effort to remedy your concern as soon as possible.  We cannot be responsible for those matters that may take longer to remedy.  We are not in control over when a Vendor can get to your rental.  We ask that you be patient.
  • Do NOT ask for a refund.  Should we feel a refund is warranted by circumstance, we will advise you.


  • PLEASE keep all windows and doors closed while running the air conditioner or heating AND when not occupying the unit/home.
  • PLEASE do NOT rinse sandy items, towels, clothes, shells, in the sink or bathtub.  Rinse these items outside the unit/home.
  • PLEASE do NOT throw sandy articles of clothing in the washer without shaking them outdoors first.
  • PLEASE do NOT press all the buttons on the television remotes to get the television to work.  
  • PLEASE do NOT put bait or fish products that may leak in refrigerators.  Purchase a cooler and store bait there.
  • Please keep noise to a minimum when on the lanai, especially after 9:00 pm.  The noise echoes.
  • Be mindful that suntan lotions and oils stain when sitting on the furniture.  Please put a towel down.
  • Do not set a/c’s below 73 degrees.  This may cause them to freeze up.
  • All units are non-smoking.  You will immediately be charged a minimum of $500.00 should you smoke in your vacation rental.
  • Do NOT touch, or manually adjust, pool and spa heaters.
  • Leave lanai doors unlocked for weekly pool maintenance.
  • Please leave no more than your last days laundry upon departure.  You will be charged for more than two loads in condos, and more than four loads in homes.

It is unlawful for a sexual offender or sexual predator to occupy this residence.

Your credit card on file will be charged for excessive cleaning and/or excessive damage, as identified in this document, discovered upon departure.

Should you require use of wifi as a necessity during your stay, we recommend that you bring your personal hotspot to ensure uninterrupted service.

Tenant/Guest(s) acknowledge that all pages have been read, understood, and agree(s) to abide by the policies and procedures as dictated.