Enjoy Marco Island Outdoors

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Marco Island is perhaps Southwest Florida’s greatest gem. This area is fantastic for anyone who is looking to spend some time outdoors and experience the natural wonders of a new region. Spend some of your vacation exploring all the hikes and nature preserves that Marco Island has to offer.

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Marco Island Hikes

There are so many options to choose from if you want to take a hike and explore some of the many trails Marco Island has during your trip here. From easy trails to paths for the more experienced hiker, Marco Island hiking has something for everyone. Some of the most rewarding hikes are starkly different from any experience you may have at home.

Tigertail Beach provides one of the more difficult hikes for an experienced group. Located on Hernando Drive in Marco Island, this hike will take you along beach trails and a lagoon, and eventually to the gulf. Since this is one of the more difficult hikes in the area, it tends to be quieter and less crowded than some other trails. Search for sand dollars and seashells along the way to make this trek even more memorable.

For an easier option as far as Marco Island hikes go, try the Marsh Trail. A much gentler walk than the Tigertail Beach route, this trail will also give you lots of options to see some natural wildlife in the area, including many birds and small mammals. There is also an observation tower near the end of the trail to take in all the views of the area. This will give you a wonderful idea of the Marco Island nature scene.

Another fantastic option for Marco Island hikes is at the Collier-Seminole State Park. Not only can you take a day hike here, but if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, you can also camp out for a night or two. There are so many palm trees and other native Florida plants that you’ll feel like you’re in another world. There are several different trails throughout the park that you can walk along and spend a whole day or even more seeing all the park has to offer.

Bird Sanctuaries

One fantastic way to see some classic and native wildlife is by heading to one of the bird sanctuaries in Marco Island. This allows you to get up close and personal with the avian members of this community, learn about what is being done to keep some of this endangered wildlife safe and gain more knowledge about bird wildlife in general.

The best place to do all of that is at the Marco Eagle Sanctuary. Founded in 2010 by a group of concerned citizens, the foundation strives to keep eagles that nest in the sanctuary safe from developers.

The sanctuary rests on more than 11 acres of land on Tigertail Court. You’ll have the chance to find out why and how this area is preserved and protected, and possibly even spot the many bald eagles that call this area home.

It’s known as one of the only protected green spaces safe from developers on Marco Island. Not only will you learn about the local bird populations, but also why it’s important for their habitat to be firmly protected and preserved.

Plan Your Marco Island Visit

So, whether its hiking, exploring on your own, or going to check out the protected wildlife—there’s so much Marco Island nature to experience during your trip to this area. Make sure to pack your sneakers, and some snacks, grab the family and head into the great outdoors! Of course, make sure to head to our website to book your vacation getaway to Marco Island today.