Things To Do At The Beach On Marco Island

There is no shortage of family-friendly activities on Marco Island. This is no truer than on the beach itself!

From shelling to fishing, bird watching, and more, here are just several of the best activities on Marco Island beaches.

Marco Island Beach Activities

girl holding shells

For those looking to come away with some amazing souvenirs, shelling on Marco Island is a great way to do it! For the best shells, head over to Tigertail Beach and get ready for some amazing opportunities. Commonly found shells in the area include calico scallops, fighting conches, and lightning whelks. While on the beach, be sure to look out for the elusive Schapella Junonia shell said to be a prize on the island.

After shelling, taking up birdwatching can be a great beach activity. The good news is that Tigertail Beach is a great spot for this as well. The area boasts pristine nesting conditions for birds that frequent the coastline, so much so that the area was named the best all-around birding location by local publications. Be sure to bring your binoculars as you will not want to miss this.

Once done, surf fishing is an excellent way to make use of your time on Marco Island. Once again, Tigertail Beach offers some great fishing opportunities! Head on down to the edge of the water and cast your line in with either artificial bait or live bait found at any number of nearby shops. Fishing the bottom can allow you to snag fish such as sea trout and pompano. If you’re looking for a quicker reel-in, ladyfish and Spanish mackerel can be found closer towards the surface.

Apart from the numerous bird species such as pelicans and herons that inhabit the area, Tigertail Beach is a great place to spot local wildlife. For visitors that peer hard enough, aquatic wildlife such as dolphins, manatees, and more can be spotted along the coastline. If you’re looking for a better chance at an up-close and personal view, be sure to look into one of several kayak rentals or offshore tours offered nearby. On the beach itself, look out for horseshoe crabs and turtles making their way along the shore.

After all these activities, it’s always nice to grab a little something to eat. Tigertail Beach is the perfect spot on Marco Island for such an occasion. The beach has a dedicated picnic area for its visitors. Benches in grassy areas allow beachgoers to have a nice lunch or dinner without getting sand everywhere! However, if you love to lay a blanket down and dine on the beach, Tigertail Beach has great stretches of quiet beach ready for a picnic to be had.


If you stay out long enough, be sure to catch the magnificent sunset on Marco Island. Unlike other parts of Florida, Marco Island offers beaches that are west facing. This gives visitors the perfect view of a gorgeous sunset. If you choose to stay on Tigertail Beach, you will certainly not be disappointed. Head up the beach to Sand Dollar Spit to have miles of isolation and soft sand to enjoy watching the sunset.

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