Unusual Places to Visit near Marco Island

Marco Island is a one-of-a-kind vacation destination, perfect for traveling with your sweetheart or bringing the whole family along. There’s truly something for everyone here, from the clear water and soft sand to the fresh seafood, intriguing history, and unique shopping.

While you may think Marco Island has everything you could find in any other Florida tourist location, there are several destinations that are unique to Marco Island alone. No matter what you’re interested in, there is an unusual place to intrigue you and provide special memories for years to come.

Read on to discover some of the best unusual places to visit near our Marco Island vacation rentals.

Cape Romano and the Famous Dome Homes

Cape Romano is just south of Marco Island and is home to the Cape Romano Dome House, a unique property that has continually brought tourists from miles around. The home was constructed in 1980 by Bob Lee, a retired oil producer. The six interconnected dome structures were intended to be used as Lee’s vacation home, but 2 years after its completion, the Lee family sold the home. It eventually returned to the family, but in 1992, the house was abandoned and deemed uninhabitable. 

In 2005, John Tosto bought the home and intended to renovate it, but Hurricane Wilma prevented any reconstruction efforts. Ultimately, the house remained, but it is officially abandoned and cannot be lived in. It is a staple tourist destination that is truly one-of-a-kind, and history is certainly intriguing and eerie. If you visit, you may plan for a jet ski or boat tour to the unique home.

Everglades City

Everglade City borders the Everglades National Park just south of Marco Island. The Everglades is a breathtaking area full of incredible flora and fauna native to Florida. One of the best features of Everglade City is the Museum of the Everglades, where you can learn about the history of the area and the ongoing conservation efforts. Be sure to go into Ernest Hamilton Observation Tower for the best view, then go down to the water and find some stone crabs. You can canoe through the mangrove tunnels to get up close and personal with nature, and if you’re visiting in February, be sure to come by for the Everglades Seafood Festival!

bird flying acorss the ocean

Chokoloskee Island

After you’re done in Everglades City, follow Copeland Avenue to the tiny village of Chokoloskee. Though it’s certainly not the biggest town in Florida, it has a culture all its own, and the gorgeous surroundings of the Gulf of Mexico and the Ten Thousand Islands make for some astonishing nature. This is the perfect destination for animal lovers, as you can go fishing and bird-watching anywhere in the city. You also have the opportunity to kayak through the mangroves jungles to get in the middle of the water. 

One of the highlights of Chokoloskee is the Smallwood Store, established in 1906 by Ted Smallwood. Here, you can learn even more about the history of the Everglades, get a unique souvenir at the Tigertail Gift Shop, or get a boat tour around the area. This unassuming city is the perfect destination for a  Marco Island day trip. There are so many things to do near Marco Island, your only concern will be what to do next!

While you can definitely take advantage of the typical tourist attractions, these Marco Island places to visit will provide a unique perspective on the area and will give lasting memories to you and your family. After a long day of sightseeing, return to your rental for an evening of rest and relaxation.

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