Welcome to Paradise: Marco Island’s Incredible Weather

What a beautiful day. It is 80 degrees and sunny. This is the weather everyone dreams about. The Island is very busy and gets busier every year. On my way to work in the morning, there are many bicyclist, joggers, walkers and cars!!! Many tourist enjoy the great outdoors. We traveled across 41 and there were many crowds at the attractions and Everglades National Park. Perfect weather and the alligators are all out sunning on the side of the road. Every tourist spot in Florida is experiencing an increase in traffic.

Our City is planning for the future. Roads are under construction, hotels are renovating and building more rooms, and Marco Island is passing a rental ordinance to allow for enforcement of noise regulations along with parking and garbage. They want to make sure everyone is respectful of their neighbors. Let your council members know how you feel. Having been in rentals for the past 30 years, I feel these issues are a minor problem on the Island. According to Collier County police records, the problems are few and minor. The City plans to charge each rental condo or home a yearly fee. Fire inspections will be necessary. This will be a big money maker for the City and a pain in the neck for owners and rental companies. I will keep you posted after the next City Council reading on Monday night. Have a great day and make your plans to come to Marco Island, the #1 beach in the USA.