Rentals & The City Council

A lot has happened since the petition was successfully submitted to City Council against the Rental Ordinance. The ordinance may go to the vote of the citizens of Marco Island at the next general voting which would be March of 2016. Or it may be postponed again. Seems there has been some abuse of power of a council member with regards to noise violations of a renter. It is just getting more publicity since the State Attorney General is now involved and asking for all emails of council since 1/1/15 to the present. I have been involved indirectly since one councilman lives next door to one of my nicest rental properties. He has complained to the owner about my guest, who happened to be a police officer and fireman on the other coast. They were not doing anything but swimming and enjoying the water with their grown children. They were just being watched continually. I called them to let them know of the regulations and they said they did not want any trouble for anyone. Most guest do not know about the parking regulations, noise ordinance, and garbage can regulations. We are here to let everyone know to respect their neighbors and if you party, invite your neighbors.