Rental Ordinance

On 3/16/15 the City of Marco passed a rental ordinance after much discussion and debate. Condominiums can register as one group. Condos have their own set of docs and by-laws by which owners are governed. Owners are fined by the condominium board. This will mainly affect homeowners who will be required to register with the City and have a fire inspection. The City will receive a fee and have the information on hand in case of a problem. Homeowners will be required to have a local person available to respond to problems within 3 hours. A response can be text, call or in person. Police will be called just like a 911 call. It will be interesting to see how everything plays out. I have a feeling rental agents will have more responsibility to have the form completed. Just like state sales tax and county sales tax.

City council also had the first hearing on a noise ordinance. The 3 things of concern with rentals are garbage cans, excessive cars in the swales, and noise. So a clarification on what is noise was necessary. Everyday noise can be a problem if someone wants to issue a complaint. No one understands how sound can travel down the canals until you live here. I can hear neighbors on their cell phone on the lanai. I know they can hear our grandkids swimming!! I hope all neighbors can be neighborly to everyone and not target rental homes.

Marco Island City Council is concerned about the quality of living on Marco Island. They listen to concerned citizens. Your voice is needed to help the governing powers decide what is necessary. It is important to be heard. Email is a great way to communicate. Get to know the councilmen by going to meetings or you can watch the meetings on TV. I respect Council as they sit there until 10:00 pm. They are your voice.

Have a great day