Off Season In Florida

The weather on Marco Island is warm. Highs every day of 90 and the rainy season is rapidly approaching. The Island is getting quieter and residents can finally go out to dinner without reservations. It is so interesting to drive down the road and recognize the other drivers and wave. Our Gulf temperature is about 84 and crystal clear. It is perfect. Some of us still work but before work you can go out and walk and bike in the cooler weather. After work, a swim is nice since the rains are not yet consistent.

There are still car carriers leaving the Island. The residents are here. We are the realtors, bankers, cleaners, tradespeople, and the ones who help everyone when the snowbirds arrive. It is fun to visit Marco at this time of year. The rents are off season rates, starting at $100/night. Many changes are happening. The Marriott is expanding and remodeling, spending over 250 million dollars. Many condos are in the remodeling process. The new bridge on Colliers is about to open. Then the work will start on the other side of the bridge. The prices for sale homes are still reasonable. It is still a good time to buy as our prices increase 10 percent a year and interest rates are still reasonable.

Call us for rentals or sales. We are here to stay and enjoy seeing guests and residents.