Must-Stop Marco Island Stores for Holiday Shopping

Thanksgiving has come and gone and today marks the official first day of the holiday shopping season. Malls and stores will replace their usual shopping music with holiday soundtracks, festive decorations are being moved to the front of the store, and twinkling white lights are flying off the shelves. It’s time to get started on those wish lists and, in honor of Black Friday, we want to point you in the direction of some of the awesome local shops that Marco Island has to offer!


If you’re looking for unique gifts for your friends and family, then look no further! Bijoux is a classy little boutique that has it all: household items, beautiful handcrafted jewelry, adorable clothes, and knickknacks aplenty. The staff is friendly and very accommodating, so you’re sure to find a gift or two.


Obsession is a beautifully decorated, upscale boutique that prides themselves on carrying everything from the latest trends to the timeless classics. In addition to women’s apparel, they carry accessories and gifts as well. Head to their website to do a little window shopping – they offer a peek at the different fashions and accessories you can find in-store!

La Scarpa

“La Scarpa is a must-stop if you are a lady of defining taste and style,” claims a Tripadvisor review – and they’re right! La Scarpa’s designers have the artistic eye and fashion-forward thinking that you need to find the perfect outfit. If you’re looking to set trends instead of following them, then this beautiful boutique is the shop for you.