Increasing Your Home’s Value

How much is your home worth?

You can quote prices from surrounding homes that have recently sold, talk about how much you purchased your house for, or boast about what upgrades you’ve made, but, at the end of the day, your home is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Whether you’re currently trying to sell or toying with the idea of selling in the future, you are going to want to increase the perceived value of your home without breaking the bank – or your back. Luckily, there are ways to up your home’s value without costing an arm and a leg.

One of the simplest ways is to add a fresh coat of paint. Painting the inside or outside of your home will cover up dirt and scuff marks or any other discolorations or blemishes that your walls have collected over the years. A pop of color and fresh paint can modernize your home and give it that “like new” feeling. Painting is also relatively cheap, so you won’t have to dig too deep into your bank account for this simple but effective enhancement. When painting, it’s important to consider your color choice. While some prospective buyers might enjoy a crazy collaboration of colors, the safe bet is to choose neutral colors that will appeal to a larger percentage of potential buyers.

For more upgrades, boost the feel of your kitchen by replacing old kitchen items and cookware. While it is always an option to replace major appliances, swapping out small items (like toasters, knife blocks, and coffee makers) for the staging process can be just as effective. For an added touch, a hanging pot rack with all new cookware can make your kitchen extremely appealing to a prospective buyer.

Another worthwhile investment for your home isn’t an item at all – but it is equally as important. If you want your home to really stick out to buyers, give it a deep and comprehensive cleaning. Even if you regularly clean your home, tough dirt and grime loves to hide in various cracks and crevices. A professional carpet and home cleaning can reduce allergens and unwanted smells, making showings more pleasant and refreshing.

Everyone wants to maximize profits when selling their homes. By adding a fresh coat of paint, making upgrades, and thoroughly scrubbing down your home, you can extremely improve your chances of finding the perfect buyer for a better price. Remember, your home is only worth what someone will pay for it so make sure to put your home’s best foot forward!