Fly High in Marco Island with these Parasailing Adventures

When looking for things to do in Marco Island, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices out there. Out of all the activities, parasailing may very well be one of the best options for those trying to get a birds-eye-view of the Gulf of Mexico.

Even if you’ve never been parasailing, we have compiled together everything you will need to get started!

What is Parasailing?

Simply put, parasailing gives you the opportunity to fly while still being tethered to the boat below. You and up to two others will be lifted into the air like a kite while the boat pulls you through the air of the Gulf of Mexico. Being pulled into the air is a thrill, but you’ll find yourself quite relaxed once you reach your peak. It’s the perfect way to satisfy your craving for adrenaline while getting a bird’s eye view of the land below!

group parasailing

Marco Island WaterSports – Parasail Adventure

Parasailing in Marco Island has never been simpler than stopping by Marco Island WaterSports. During your adventure, you and up to two other people in your group will sail out into the Gulf of Mexico where you will be harnessed in and gently allowed to soar into the skies. While in the sky, be sure to keep an eye out for dolphins, manatees, and all other sorts of aquatic wildlife down below you.

For your Marco Island parasailing adventure, your round trip time will be close to one hour and fifteen minutes. Your flight time itself will vary depending on how many flyers are present. For one flyer, the flight time will be approximately ten minutes. For two, approximately twelve minutes. For three, approximately fifteen minutes.

Marco Island WaterSports has some of the best rates around. Their hour-plus excursion costs each rider $120. Compared to some other parasailing companies, this is a tremendous deal!

Sky’s the Limit Parasailing

Watersports in Marco Island don’t have to be complicated, and Sky’s the Limit Parasailing makes sure it stays simple for you. Your boat’s captain will tell you exactly what to expect before strapping you in and sending you off into the air. You’ll get to experience the surprisingly relaxing conditions and stunning view from the sky before you’re lowered back down, and if you choose, your captain can gently dip you into the water to cool you off!

Your flight time can vary slightly depending on how many flyers are in your party and just how high you choose to fly into the air. On average, flight times will range from twelve to fifteen minutes with the overall trip being just a bit over an hour.

Rates do vary for certain factors. If you are looking to only fly 600 feet up into the air, the price is $90 per flyer. However, if you are looking to fly 1,200 feet up into the air, the price changes to $100 per flyer.

Where to Stay?

Once you’re done exploring Marco Island’s beautiful waters for the day, you’ll want a luxurious and comforting place to relax with your family and friends. Our Marco Island rentals are the perfect solution! We have rental properties big and small to suit groups of all sizes, so you’re able to truly personalize your experience. If you’re not sure which rental would be right for you, our friendly and helpful staff is always available to assist you. 

Plan Your Visit to Marco Island

There’s nothing better than spending the day indulging in fresh seafood, shopping ‘till you drop, or experiencing a Marco Island water tour before returning to your premium rental and relaxing for the evening. Contact us today to find out how we can help make it happen!