Why Florida Is the Best State to Buy Property and Retire In

Retirees have long seen Florida as one of the most desirable destinations for life after work. And it’s easy to see why. In a place like Marco Island, where the annual high temperature average is 80°F and the annual low temperature average is 63°F, seniors can enjoy mostly temperate weather throughout the year and avoid that pesky arthritis-aggravating cold weather completely.

Florida is also famously known as one of the few states in the nation that has no state income tax, no estate tax, and no inheritance tax. These tax breaks can be a big benefit to someone on a fixed income. Retiring usually means relocating and that means buying and selling property. The lower overall cost of living in Florida as compared to other potential retirement locales is an attractive feature for those seeking a relaxing lifestyle without an inflated price tag.

For those who are worried about retirement getting boring, that’s unlikely in Florida! There’s always plenty to do, including healthy outdoor activities like swimming, fishing and golfing. Fun physical activities are abundant – and not just for retirees. Seniors like Florida because juniors like Florida too! Florida is a vacation destination for many reasons and children and grandchildren love it as much as their grandparents. There is always an opportunity for outdoor family activities and, if you’re a senior who happens to retire near Orlando, well, forget about it. Your grandchildren will want to live with you permanently!

Perhaps the biggest reason Florida is such a great retirement destination to this day is precisely because it has been a great retirement destination for so long. With so many retirees moving to the Sunshine State and so many more planning to each year, it has become necessary for businesses and services with an older clientele (like medical care practitioners) to make the move as well. This is particularly important as medical care becomes more and more essential as we age. In some newer retirement hotspots, like Henderson, Nevada outside of Las Vegas, medical care is lacking and seniors sometimes have to wait three or four hours for a routine check-up. That’s not the case for places like South Florida where the medical industry is established, growing, and thriving.

If you’re thinking about retirement or buying seasonal retirement property, you’re probably thinking about Florida – and for good reason.