Your Guide to Buying Marco Island Real Estate

Buying a new home is not the easiest thing in the world, but in the end, when you get the key, turn the lock and open the door, it’s one of the best feelings you will ever feel. In the past It wasn’t easy getting a home loan, as far as getting the loan.I thinks most people think it hard and don’t even try. When you are buying a home/condo, there are three times of loans. One is a FHA loan, second a conventional loan and third is a VA loan. Long story short, the FHA is the easiest, as far as finances, its 3% to 5% down. Then you have your conventional loan, which is a bigger down payment. It’s 20% down. The conventional loan, at the moment is the best! The rates are GREAT! The VA loan is a military loan, it used to be a great for anyone in the military, but now the FHA and conventional again, has a better rate. So, if you think you can’t possibly get a home loan, or even another loan, think again. If you want it, try first, and you will be very surprised as I have been in the past. You only live once!