An Insider’s Guide to Public Parking on Marco Island

Like most any popular Florida island destination, there’s usually many visitors and not enough parking spots. Marco Island has come far in bringing affordable and accessible parking to the beaches.

We have the inside scoop on Marco Island public parking, including where to go, when, and how much it is.

All Day Parking on Marco Island

Are you wondering where you can park all day long on Marco Island while enjoying the beach?

We have the answer!

Public parking on Marco Island isn’t as difficult as you would think, especially compared to other top destinations. There are two main beach points on the island that offer accessible all-day parking for locals and visitors alike. As long as you stay at one of these top two Marco Island beaches, you are going to be able to find very convenient parking.

Tigertail Beach Parking

The rate is $1.50 per hour for non-beach parking pass holders. Parking is paid at the on-site pay station. All Non-residents must pay for parking at the pay station. You can use a credit card at the stations.

If you are planning an extended stay, it may be possible to receive a special parking pass or permit. You can obtain beach parking permits from the city of Naples or Collier County. Contact the county directly for more details.

South Beach Parking

South Beach is likely the most popular public beach haven on the Island and the one that attracts the most non-residents every year. The parking lot for South Beach has 70 parking spaces, with a number of handicapped spaces available by the restroom facilities. Similar to Tigertail, parking is $8 for the day and payable at the on-site pay station. Also like Tigertail, you may receive a beach parking permit for the duration of your stay.

Now South Beach has its own dedicated lot, and it is the only area where you can legally park. Parking on the streets or swales near the beach is prohibited. The city confirmed a strict policy restricting parking within 500 feet of the beach site, omitting the beach’s respective dedicated lot. So be careful of parking in an area that is questionable. Parking fines have been raised to $95.00 recently. Arrive early if possible and be aware of local posted signage. It is very clear and direct.

Other Parking on the Island

Do you want to know where to park on Marco Island outside of Tigertail and South Beach? This answer is a little trickier. In general, we recommend using the opportunity to visit a local restaurant, with many of them offering their only parking areas and lots. There is a not heavily-trafficked beach access point by Madeira Condos, but parking may be moderated and reviewed by the condo directly. There is also a small lot by the name of Turtle Lot, owned and operated independently. This lot is near South Beach and could be a nice alternative of South Beach is full.

If parking does become an issue and you want to avoid it entirely, you can consider CAT public transportation. The bus line stops at the Marriot, Walmart, and Shops of Marco, among others.

Fortunately, our Marco Island vacation rentals are often right in the heart of the island, and these beaches may be within a short walk. Of course, with our beachfront rentals, you don’t have to drive anywhere at all to see the beach!

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